On the Way to Kalamazoo

The title is the theme. I am certainly on my way to somewhere and I have never been to Kalamazoo and it is a lyrical sounding place.

I am always being told that I should write a book. I only hope that I can write the stories as well as I can tell them.

I am of a certain age as are my children. My gender and orientation are my own. I am an artist, a spiritual person, and a lover of all of the unique and wonderful beings who make up this universe.

  • I discuss politics with 2½ people and never in public.
  • My guilty pleasures are fan fiction and editing on Wikipedia.
  • My major claim to fame is that I can find a typo anywhere except my own writing.

I hope that you find something of interest and feel free to share kind thoughts and ideas.



Oh, rats

It is hard to believe that someone with my years of IT experience can fuck up this badly. For a brief moment, there was an actual posting with customization and everything. Not being able to leave well enough alone, I had to fiddle-fix things. Now I have the mess that appears as my first post.

Drat it all! I will fix it — later